The Most Interesting Genealogy in the World

April 29, 2018 Speaker: Bryan Threlkeld Series: The Most Interesting Man in the World

Topic: Love of God Scripture: Matthew 1:1–1:16, Genesis 38:24, Genesis 38:28, Joshua 2:21, Ruth 1:16, Genesis 19:36–19:37, Deuteronomy 23:3, Matthew 11:19, Matthew 27:28

It's staggering to consider that one Jewish man, born 2000 years ago, changed the entire 
landscape of the human race. He championed the rights of women, children, slaves, 
the sick and the poor - paving the way for them to experience dignity, compassion and equality. And he radically transformed modern education, business, arts and science.  
As important as he is, his genealogy is full of messed-up sinners. Was this an accident, or by design? This is the most interesting genealogy in the world.

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