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-God With Us - ‘In the Valleys’-


• Share what you are most looking forward to this Christmas season.

Questions / Application:

1. Pastor Bryan’s key point was this: We may enjoy God on the mountaintops, but we get to know God intimately in the valleys.

  • Share a mountaintop experience you’ve had with God.
  • Share a valley experience you’ve had with God, and what you learned about Him through that time.

2. Read 139:7-10. What thoughts do these verses stir in you?

3. Read II Corinthians 12:7-10. In what area of personal weakness do you need to rely on God’s strength?

4. James 4:8 says: ‘Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.’ How can you draw near to God during this season?

5. Read Hebrews 11:6. Pastor Bryan said it’s as if God says all throughout Scripture: “If you show me your faith, I will show you My faithfulness.” Share an example of this in your own life or the life of someone you know.

6. Read Psalm 46:10. When was the last time you slowed down and pursued God’s presence in a moment, and what happened as a result of that? How could you do this more often?

7. Read Colossians 3:2; Philippians 4:8. What you think about matters.

  • Talk about a difficult area in your life where you especially need to keep your mind fixed on God. How will you do it?
  • What is some thinking you want to change?

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