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Share about someone you admired and/or who inspired you when you were a child.


1. Read Matthew 7:24-27

  • How does Jesus describe the wise man and the foolish man?

  • What is different and what is the same in the experience of the wise and foolish man?

  • What does the storm represent?

  • What is Jesus communicating about the house that is destroyed?

  • Would you say that you are building your life like the house built on rock, the house built

    on sand, or somewhere in between, and why?

2. The word disciple simply means ‘a learner or a follower.’ Pastor Bryan gave many examples that showed the disciples were not exactly doing a great job of following Jesus’ example. In other words... “being a disciple doesn’t mean being a good disciple.” What are your thoughts on this statement?

3. Compare the free gift of salvation (see John 3:16 and Ephesians 2:8-9) with the cost of discipleship (Luke 14:25-33).

4. There’s a cost of discipleship and a cost of non-discipleship.

  • How would you articulate the cost of discipleship?

  • How would you articulate the cost of non-discipleship?

  • What is most difficult about being a disciple of Jesus and obeying His words?


Where are you in the process of becoming a disciple (a learner or follower) of Jesus Christ?

Are you willing to make this statement: ‘I am enrolling in the school of Jesus. I will make him my leader. I will commit to being with him each moment of each day, and learning from Him how to live like Him.’

Everybody builds a house (your life). Every house faces storms (challenges/crises). The strength of the storm will reveal the quality of the foundation of the house. This week, take time to carefully assess the condition of your house and its foundation. What work needs to be done to prepare for whatever storm may come next?


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