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• Why do you think most Christians shy away from any kind of evangelism?


1. Read Mark 16:15; II Corinthians 5:19-20; Acts 1:8

  • How are you doing in the area of sharing your faith in Jesus with non-Christians?
  • What holds you back from talking about spiritual things?

2. Invest in relationships with the unchurched.

  • How many close friends do you have who are not Christians?
  • Why do you not have more friends outside the faith?
  • What are some hobbies/activities you could do with non-Christians?
  • Why is befriending someone before sharing your story so important?
  • How might simply living your life in a godly way (in complete dependence on God) in front of the unchurched make a big impact on them?

3. Read Acts 17:22-31

  • How did Paul connect his spiritual story to theirs?
  • What might you learn from Paul’s example here?
  • What was Paul’s attitude toward the Athenians?

4. Think about your spiritual story...

  • In one sentence, explain what your life was like before you met Christ.
  • In one sentence, explain when and how you put your faith in Christ.
  • In one sentence, explain how your life is different since you became a Christian.

5. Oftentimes people are afraid to talk about spiritual things because they might not be able to answer other people’s questions.

  • Why is it not necessary to have all the answers in order to share your story with others?
  • How could you respond if someone has a question about God or Christianity that you can’t answer?



  • Come up with a plan to do certain activities (hobbies) with people outside the faith.

  • Practice saying ‘I’ll pray for you’ when people share something big going on in their life.

  • Once you befriend someone and you’ve had a conversation about spiritual things, consider extending an invitation to one of the following...

    Coffee or lunch; ‘Explore God’ website (; book recommendation; invite to our church; ‘Starting Point’ class; Married Events; Date Nights; Men’s or Women’s events or studies.


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