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Small Group Discussion Guide




Tell your group one thing that they don’t know about you yet. E.g. a hobby, secret talent, guilty pleasure...etc.


  1. Have you experienced prayer that was remarkably different than the typical offering up of quick requests? What seemed to be different?

  2. Read Matthew 6:9. Why should you start your prayers declaring God's greatness?

  3. Read Matthew 6:10. Why is it important in your prayers to surrender your will to God?

  4. What prevents you from praying "Your will be done" with sincerity?

  5. How would your week be different if you took time each day to surrender your will to God?

  6. Read Matthew 6:11-13. Why should you declare your dependence on God for provision, pardon, and protection? Why does this need to be last?


In light of Jesus’ instructions on prayer in Matthew 6:5-13 how should your daily prayers change?

Pick a private place and a regular time for prayer. Pray each day this week. Declare his greatness. Surrender your will. Acknowledge your dependence. Then report back to your group next week how it went!


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