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Small Group Discussion Guide


-Secret Giving-


If you had to evacuate your home due to an impending natural disaster, what 3 things would you try to take to safety?


1. Read Matthew 6:2-4

  • What is Jesus teaching here about the process of giving?

  • Why is secrecy a good indicator of motive in giving?

  • Name some proper and improper motivations for giving.

  • How might giving become as habitual to you as something like tying your shoe?

2. Read Mark 12:41-43

  • What is the difference in the style of giving of the rich and the widow?

  • Why does Jesus say the widow, who gave a tiny amount, gave more than all the rest of the crowd?

3. Contemplate each of the following rewards for generosity and discuss how they might impact your perspective on giving.

  • Blessing – (Read Acts 20:35)

  • More relational connection – (Read 2 Corinthians 9:14)

  • Freedom – (Read Psalm 22:20; 35:17; Matthew 10:8)

  • Joy – (Read 1 Chronicles 29:9)

  • God’s delight – (Read Proverbs 19:17)

  • Blessing the next generation – (Read Psalm 37:26)

  • Multiplied impact – (Read Mark 12:41-43)

  • A new financial partner – (Read Luke 6:38, Malachi 3:10; II Corinthians 9:6-11)


In your estimation, how are you doing in the area of giving (time and treasures) and how might you improve in these areas?

According to God’s ‘Kingdom Math’... 90% with God is more than 100% without God. By faith, and cheerfully, make a genuine commitment to give a certain percentage (you choose the %) of your income to God’s work for the next 90 days and see what happens in your budget.


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