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When you perceive someone has hurt you or taken advantage of you, what is your first thought?


1. Read Matthew 5:38-48

  • How are Jesus’ followers to be different from the norm in their treatment of others?
Discuss the following scenarios based on Jesus' commands above:
  • Scenario 1 (v.39), a person is publicly humiliated. Instead of seeking to get even, what does Jesus say a Jesus follower should do?
  • Scenario 2 (v.40), a person is being sued for their clothes. How should a Jesus follower respond?
  • Scenario 3 (v.41), an occupying Roman soldier could require anyone’s unpaid assistance. How should a Jesus follower respond?
  • Scenario 4 (v.42), someone is trying to take financial advantage. How should a Jesus follower respond?
  • Why do you think Jesus challenges His followers to react in these ways?
2. Read Matthew 5:43–48
  • Why is just loving the people who love you not enough?
  • How does God’s example in nature help us to love others?
  • Which part of Jesus’ command to love is the most difficult for you, and why?

3. Read John 13:34-35; Galatians 5:6; I Peter 2:23-24

  • How did Jesus demonstrate love?
  • Why would Jesus ask His followers to live this kind of love?


Pastor Bryan gave 3 key action steps toward loving an enemy:

1) Develop the capacity to forgive. 2) Recognize your own sin and shortcomings. 3) Pray

  • Think of a “frenemy” in your life. Do you think your biggest hang-up in loving that individual is a matter of truly forgiving them or perhaps thinking his/her sin is ‘worse’ than yours?

  • Starting this week, what will you do to love one of your ‘frenemies’ so they are no longer secretly your enemy but really your friend?


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