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• What do you think about the statement, “Bad marriages take work; good marriages take more work”?


  1. Read Matthew 1:19

    • How was Joseph planning to handle the situation with Mary after finding out she was

      pregnant? (This is when he was not aware she had conceived by the Holy Spirit)

    • How is his desire not to expose Mary different from his right under the Old Testament Law? (see Leviticus 20:10)

  2. Read Matthew 19:3-6:

    • The Pharisees came to Jesus to test Him, this time on the subject of divorce. What

      question did they ask Him and how was their question a “trap?”

    • Why does Jesus point them to the creation story in Genesis? What is significant about how God created males and females? (See Genesis 2:18,24)

    • The phrase at the end of verse 6 is part of many Christian marriage ceremonies. What is Jesus saying about what happens in marriage and how does it relate to divorce?

  3. Read Matthew 5:31-32, 19:7-8

    • When does Jesus say divorce is permissible?

    • What does Jesus mean when he says that divorce is a result of our “hard” hearts?


Do you think you have a hard heart? Why or why not?
     How can our group help one another in this area?

How can you proactively strengthen your marriage? How can you include God first?

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