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Share a time when you made a commitment to something or someone, but had serious reservations going into it. How did it turn out? Was it worth it? Why or why not?


1. “FOMO” (Fear Of Missing Out) has become a big issue in our culture today, and has caused people to shy away from serious commitments of any kind. What are the perceived benefits of not making commitments in life?

2. Read John 8:31-32, 34 and Romans 6:11-17. According to these passages, if we think we are free to do our own thing in life, we end up being a slave to sin. But if we are obedient to Christ and His ways, we end up being blessed and enjoying real freedom in life. Anonymously, share an example of someone you know who thought they were “free” to do their own thing, but ended up ensnared by sin.

3. Nobody is completely obedient to Christ in all things. If you were honest with yourself, in what ways are you still doing your own thing in life, because you’re afraid to give up your “freedom”? In what areas of life would you say you are fully committed to Christ?

4. Read I Kings 19:19-21. Elisha gave up enormous wealth and status to face a life of danger, opposition and sacrifice as a prophet for God. Why would he do that? What did he give up and what did he gain?

5. Explain the meaning of this statement: ‘It is not in our freedom, but in our commitments, that we find ourselves.’


6. Where might God be calling you to burn the plow? (marriage, family, finances, work, commitment to God, relationships, sexuality, etc)

7. What will burning the plow look like for you, and who will hold you accountable?

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