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The KEY to BE – Blessed are the Meek


Meekness is strength under control. Pastor Bryan compared meekness to a wild stallion that has been broken and tamed. On a scale of 1-10 how “meek” would you say you are? Explain.


1. Read Matthew 11:28-29; Matthew 12:20. Jesus is our model, and though He was all-powerful, He described Himself as meek (“gentle” and “humble in heart”). People felt at rest around Jesus, especially those who were hurting.

  • Do you think people feel at ease in your presence?
  • In what ways do certain people make others feel ‘at ease’?
  • In what ways do certain people make others feel ‘ill at ease’?

2. Read John 15:5. Meekness begins when we humbly admit our sinfulness, quit trusting in our own abilities, and trust in God’s Spirit to fill us and lead us in life.

  • As a group, compare what life looks like when we live connected to the vine versus not connected to the vine.

3. Read Galatians 2:20.

  • What is Paul’s view of his life here on earth? What would it look like for you to live your life with the attitude Paul expresses here?


“Consciously choose to commit every moment of all my life to Christ’s care and control.”

3. Read Romans 12:1. A living sacrifice describes a person who is fully sold out for Christ.

  • Why is it necessary to give 100% to really live the Christian life successfully?

4. Read John 10:10. The thief (Satan) and Jesus have two different agendas.

  • What does Jesus promise for those who commit fully to Him?


  • What is your response to God’s ongoing invitation to commit every moment of your life to His care and control? Does it seem do-able? Why or why not?

  • How can you remain on the vine more often? What are some steps you can take (starting today) to help you be more aware of God’s presence throughout your daily activities?

  • Set an alarm on your phone at various key times throughout your day. When it goes off, pause and ask God to be a part of whatever activity you’re currently doing.


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