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Small Group Discussion Guide


Beatitudes – Part 1


If you had to, how would you work the word, “beatitude” into every day, non-religious conversation?


1. When we look at the Bible, the concept of God’s kingdom is all through it. What is God’s kingdom and why is it important to have a clear understanding of it?

2. Read Matthew 5:1-3. What does it mean to be “Poor in Spirit?

  • How highly do you think of yourself? Do you see your need for God even after salvation? If so, what do you need him for?

3. Read Matthew 5:4. What is Jesus saying when he says “Blessed are those who mourn?”

  • Do you see yourself primarily as a sinner or a mistaker? Be honest.
  • Why do we trivialize our sin? Why don’t we do more about it?

4. Read Luke 15:11-31

  • Like the prodigal son, why do we need to embrace our sinfulness to be in a position to receive God’s grace?
  • What attitude does the father, in Luke 15, have toward the lost son? Do you believe God looks at you that way? Why or why not?


What can you do this week to be “poor in spirit?” How can you remind yourself of your need for God?

Take some time this week to reflect on your sin. Don’t dwell on it! Recognize it’s seriousness and give it to God. Ask for forgiveness and thank him for the grace he gives us.


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