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-The Most Interesting Genealogy in the World-


Have you ever researched your family tree/ancestry? If so, what remarkable or surprising things did you discover in that process?


  • 1. Read Matthew 1:3 and Genesis 38:13-30 The story of Tamar is pretty wild. Why do you think Matthew includes her name in this list of Jesus’ ancestors?

2. Read Matthew 1:5; Joshua 2:1-21; Romans 4:4-5

  • What do you find to be remarkable about Rahab in this story?
  • What does this story teach us about faith being more important than works when it comes to gaining God’s favor?

3. Read Matthew 1:6; II Samuel 11:1-27.

  • Of all the stories of David, Matthew chose the most sordid and humiliating one.
  • Why do you think that was?
  • What can we learn from this story about keeping our guard up against sin and temptation?

4. Read Matthew 11:19. Jesus earned the nickname ‘a friend of sinners.’

  • Why is it that church people today are often thought of as the enemies of sinners?
  • Discuss how a person walks the line between living a holy/godly lifestyle and yet loving and hanging out with sinners?


Does your heart break for people who are far from God?

Begin praying for someone who is far from God and come up with a plan for how you might befriend that person and help guide him/her into a relationship with Jesus.


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