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-Anchors of Faith-


What was your last argument, and did it point toward the existence of God? How so?


1. Read Romans 1:19-20

  • What did the people know? According to the verse, how did they know it?
  • Why are people with out excuse if they do not know God?
  • How could they learn about God?
  • What attributes of God can be known in this way?

2. If God made it plain to see he exists, why do you think there are as many atheists as there are?

3. Read Genesis 1:27, How does our “nature” point to the existence of God? How does being created in the image of God separate us from all other creatures?

4. Read Ecclesiastes 3:11, Do you think it’s true that all people have a drive for purpose, meaning and significance in life? If so what is yours?

5. We all have a desire for lasting Joy, and when we look for it in the things or relationships here on earth it always fails...what is it in your life that reminds you that true joy is found in Christ?


How would you explain to someone that the existence of God is evident within them?

Take a look at these resources to go deeper:

Know Why You Believe, Paul E. Little
The New Evidence That Demands a Verdict, Josh McDowell Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis


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