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-Convince Me-

Jesus followers in the first century believed Jesus rose from the dead. They believed in this historical event many years before there was a Bible. They believed it beginning on the morning of the resurrection. And they did exactly what any of us would do if we saw a man raised from the dead...they talked about it and wrote about it.


  • Talk about your favorite childhood memory of Easter.
  • What Easter traditions do you currently observe? What do they mean to you


  1. ‘We don’t believe in the resurrection just because the Bible says it happened. We believe it because it’s grounded in history (i.e. story of Nero) and eyewitnesses (i.e. Matthew, John, Peter, Paul)and people who met eyewitnesses (i.e. Mark, Luke, James) wrote about it.’ Do you agree with those statements? Why or why not? 

  2. Read John 20:11–18. What details in the story stand out to you? Why do those details matter to you?
  3. Easter ties our faith to something that happened rather than to something we merely believe. The foundation of Christianity is not a belief. Something happened - something that addresses the deepest issues of our lives. Because of the resurrection, you can know...
    • There is forgiveness for your sins...because that’s why Jesus died on the cross.
    • There is life beyond this life...because Jesus taught us about heaven.
    • There is hope...because Jesus rose from the dead.
    • Everything you do in life matters... because faithfulness will be rewarded in heaven.

Share why the truths above are meaningful to you, personally.


Easter represents a time of new beginnings. In what area of your life does Jesus’ resurrection represent an opportunity for you to begin again? What is one thing you can do to start that process? How can this group support you?



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