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-A Pharisee in the Making-


If you could go back in time and change the way you treated someone or the way you responded to a situation or circumstance, what would you do differently?


Read Matthew 21:15

  • Why were the Pharisees so envious of Jesus, to the point of killing him?

Read James 3:16

  • When have you seen jealousy or envy create issues? How can we have victory over envy and jealousy? What can be done to not be tempted by what someone else has and be content with what God has given us or not given us?

Read Luke 12:15-21

  • How do we balance “needing” money for everyday life and retirement and not being enslaved by it? How do we keep it from making us toxic?
  • Without gossiping, when was the last time you dealt with a toxic person? How did you respond to them?
  • Read the following steps on how to deal with toxic people...How can these change your perspective the next time you deal with someone who is toxic? Which do you think will be the most difficult for you?
    • Realize it’s not about you.
      • I didn’t create their behavior
      • I can’t control their behavior
      • I won’t change their behavior
    • If possible, disconnect and let them go.
    • Refuse to play their game
    • Set boundaries
    • Live for an audience of one.


Much like Matthew 7:3-5, we need to be careful pointing out toxic people before we’ve had a good look at ourselves. Otherwise we can become hypocrites, which is one of the traits of toxic people! Are you dealing with envy, money issues, or bitterness right now? Share it with your group and pray for each other this week.


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