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Small Group Discussion Guide



1. Share a time when you lost something very important to you (for example... a loved one, a job, your health, etc.). What was the most difficult part of coping with that loss and how did you move on?

Questions: Read Psalm 27:13-14

2. What does the Psalmist encourage us to do in this passage? What is the connection between waiting and courage? What does the Psalmist have confidence in?

3. Share a time when you had to go through a long period of waiting in your life. What was the hardest part of waiting and how did you cope with that? Read Mark 14:43-52

4. How do you think Jesus felt when his disciples fled? Do you think the disciples regretted their actions after Jesus' death? Describe a time when you have, in a sense, deserted Jesus or acted as if you didn't know Him. What was the result?


5. Share a time when you experienced God's silence and how you dealt with it. How did things turn out?

6. What responses are common to us when we can't figure out what God is doing or why we're going through difficulty?

7. What can help keep us from despair in times of waiting?

8. Think of someone you know who is in a “Saturday” period in his or her life. How can you be a friend to him or her?


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