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Good Posture


In what setting(s) or circumstance(s) do you naturally feel like singing?

In your view, what is the purpose of worship?


1. Read Acts 16:22-25. How were Paul and Silas able to worship God in the midst of jail and floggings?

2. Read Matthew 2:10-11. What can we learn from the response of the Magi/Wise Men upon seeing the child, Jesus?

3. Throughout the Bible, God’s people and His angels worshipped the Lord in different ways and different circumstances. What do we learn from the passages below?

  • II Samuel 6:14b?
  • Psalm 47:1?
  • Daniel 6:10b?
  • Revelation 7:9-11?

4. Consider these two postures for worship:

  • A humble heart (on your knees)
  • Eager hope (on your feet, arms raised)

Which of these most closely describes your relationship with Jesus right now? If neither, what other posture might be more fitting for you?

How can you incorporate the two postures above into your day-to-day life 


How can we learn from Scripture to be more spontaneous in our worship (throughout our week and on Sunday morning)?

Personal Application:

Who might you invite to our Christmas eve service this week?


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