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-Mood Rings-


What type of mood are you typically in around Christmas time? Why?


1. How much do you use your mood as a guide to your spirituality?

2. Read Matthew 2:10,16; Luke 1:29, 44; Luke 2:13-14, 19-20.

  • In each scene, what was the response to Jesus’ birth?
  • Considering Mary’s circumstances (unmarried, engaged, pregnant), what is remarkable about her response?
  • What would need to change for you to be able to respond wholeheartedly to Jesus’ presence in the way that the angels, Magi, shepherds, Mary and others did?
  • How can we worship Jesus in our daily circumstances and moods?

3. Read James 1:2-3.

  • How should we respond when our circumstances are less than ideal? 
  • What is the bigger picture that helps us to have that response?

4. Read Luke 2:17,38; Luke 15:10,32.

  • Why is spreading the good news the right thing to do?


Which of the following do you need to improve upon and why?

  • Wake up and ask Jesus to set your mood
  • Be intensely curious about Jesus
  • Cultivate gratitude
  • Worship Jesus in your problems
  • Spread the word about Jesus

Personal Application:

As you listen to the words of Christmas songs, hymns and carols, think about the truths they describe. Worship God for those truths.

For the next week, plot where you are on this chart each day. Do you see a trend? How will you respond (with God’s help) to what you learn?

Discussion Guide - Mood Rings


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