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-Just Say... ‘Sorry’-


Share with the group a time when “sorry” was very difficult to say and how freeing it was after you apologized.


1. Read Acts 5:1-12.

  • What was wrong with what Ananias and Sapphira did when they sold their possessions and gave a portion to the community?
  • What do you think their motivation might have been?

2. Read Psalm 139:23-24 and James 5:16.

  • What does the Psalmist ask God to do and for what purpose?
  • What does James ask Christians to do and for what purpose?

3. Do you consider yourself a ‘decent Christian’ (‘I’m not perfect, but I’m way better than most’)? How does God see you?

4. Read 2 Corinthians 12:9. How is it that God’s grace and strength/power is perfected in weakness?

5. Discuss your experience with the following statements:

  • “When people hide, people die. When people get real, people get healed.”
  • “You are as sick as your secrets.”
  • “You can only be fully loved if you’re fully known.”


Does pride ever get in the way of you saying “sorry”? What is one step you will take this week to help you overcome your pride barrier?

Personal Application:

Do an honest and searching moral inventory.

  • Set aside a time to be alone and go through the 7 deadly sins – pride, anger, lust, envy, gluttony, greed and laziness. Ask God to help you see where these are in your thoughts and behavior.

Confess your defects to God, yourself and another person.

  • Do this on a regular basis. When considering who you will confess to, ask someone you know well and trust fully.

Do whatever you can to make right what you have made wrong.

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