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-Just Say... ‘Help’-


Share how your personality, upbringing, or life experiences have affected your ability to ask for help from others and God.


Read John 2:1-11

1. What do we learn from the words and/or actions of each of the characters in this story of Jesus’ first miracle? (Mary, servants, master of the banquet, the bridegroom, and the disciples)

2. What does this story teach us about asking for help from Jesus?

3. Jesus answers Mary’s request for help almost instantly. Why does it often appear to take Jesus much longer to answer (if he does answer) our cry for help?

Read Hebrews 13:5-6

4. What name is given to God in this verse? What gives us confidence to use this name?

Going Deeper:

5. Share with the group a specific need for help from God.


Ask everyone to spend a few minutes in silent prayer to God regarding his or her need for help or to thank God for the help that He has provided. Have someone close the prayer time by thanking God for hearing our cries for help and to ask for help for us to do what God asks this week in response.

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