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Share a time in your life when you should’ve said ‘no’ to something, but you said ‘yes’ instead. Why didn’t you say ‘no,’ and what were the results of saying ‘yes’?


1. Read Matthew 4:1-4. The temptation here is to believe ‘you are what you have.’ The practice to overcome this is to ‘do without.’ What is your experience with fasting (doing without something for spiritual purposes), whether from food or something else? Name an area of your life where you need a temporary fast.

2. It’s been said: ‘When we live by bread alone, we always want more and better bread.’ What does this say about human nature? What is wrong with this behavior?

3. Read Matthew 4:8-10. The temptation here is to believe ‘you are what you do.’ The practice to overcome this is to ‘do less.’ In the Bible, taking a break from work (a time where you have nothing to do) is called Sabbath. Do you have a scheduled ‘Sabbath’ (either a day or portion of a day) each week? If so, what are some of the benefits? If not, how likely are you to consider scheduling a Sabbath time each week?

4. Read Matthew 4:5-7 and Galatians 1:10. The temptation here is to believe ‘you are what people think of you.’ The practice to overcome this is to ‘do without human approval.’ Why did Paul speak so strongly to the Galatians and what is wrong with being a people-pleaser?

5. If you are clear on your identity, and clear on your mission, you get clear on when to say ‘no.’ How clear are you on your identity and mission in life?


Which of these 3 temptations do you struggle with the most: ‘you are what you have,’ ‘you are what you do,’ or ‘you are what people think of you’? Choose the one you struggle with the most and begin praying about this daily. Who or what might you need to say ‘no’ to this week, in order to overcome this struggle?

The average person checks their electronic devices 150 times each day. What would your life be like if you trained your mind and body to turn toward God 150 times each day?



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