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What Were You Thinking? Part 2


You’ve probably heard the phrase: “you are what you eat.” Well in the spiritual realm, what we feed our minds often determines the health of our soul. Share a time when a bad thought led to bad action in your life – or vice versa (when a good thought led to good action).


1. Would you say you are naturally more of a positive personality (glass is half full) or negative personality (glass is half empty)?

2. Proverbs 23:7 says: “For as a man thinks within himself, so he is.” How do our thoughts end up shaping who we become in life?

3. Read Philippians 4:8. The term ‘lovely’ means lovable, pleasing or amiable. It’s a term that touches on the emotions and describes anything that motivates love in our lives. What brings forth a sense of love in your life?

4. The Greek word for admirable literally means ‘good voice’ or ‘good speech.’ It refers to people or things that are spoken of favorably. What are some things that are admirable in your life?

5. Paul says think about ‘excellent’ things. This term speaks of that which is done extremely well, and it also carries the idea of moral virtue. This word can refer to exceptional mental, moral or even physical abilities. Name some excellent things that you enjoy thinking about.

6. Finally, Paul says to focus on those things that are ‘praiseworthy.’ This applies whenever we see someone who does something heroic, commendable, or worthy of recognition. Share a time when someone you know did something praiseworthy.


Read Philippians 4:9. Paul says we have to practice the truth to experience God’s peace. What steps can you take this week to change your thought-life (i.e. where you focus your mind)?

This week, memorize Philippians 4:8 - repeat it over and over again, and practice it while you memorize it.


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