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1. The cross is the most famous, recognizable logo of all-time... and it has been the primary logo for Christianity over the centuries. If you were designing a logo to describe your life, what would it be... and why? [This logo could be a reflection of your life-mission, your personality, whatever you’d like.]


2. When does sin begin in an individual’s life? See Psalm 51:1-5.

3. From the very first sin in the garden, and all throughout the Old Testament, God’s people were “cleansed” from their sin through the shed blood of animals. In fact, it’s estimated that over one million animal sacrifices were made by Israel. Read Hebrews 9:22-10:22, and discuss the following questions... • How were the sacrifices of the Old Testament incomplete? • What then was the purpose of those sacrifices? • How was the law “only a shadow of the good things that are coming?” • How does the sacrificial blood of Christ differ from the blood of animals?

4. Read I John 1:8-10. Why is it important for Christians to confess (admit) their sin to God? How often do you confess your sin to God? How might you get into the habit of doing that more often?

5. Read James 5:16. Why is it important to confess your sin to other? How often do you confess your sin to others? How might you get into the habit of doing that more often?

6. Last Sunday, I spoke of ‘The Day of Atonement’ in the Hebrew culture. The word ‘atonement’ originally came from this phrase... ‘at-one-ment.’ It’s the restoration of oneness (reconciliation between two individuals) by satisfying the demands of justice. Share an example from your life, of a time when you had a break in fellowship (one-ness) with an individual. What caused the break and how did (or could) atonement finally occur?

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