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Sermon Overview:

God’s people are choosing a fast (NASCAR-like) lifestyle while at the same time trying to follow a Savior who asks us to walk with Him (not race with Him). In contrast, the Bible shows us that: (1) Jesus stopped to love, (2) Jesus took his time, and (3) Jesus called others to slow down. How to slow down can be as simple as evaluating why we’re compelled to say ‘yes’ and learning when to say ‘no.’ Relationships – whether with God or others – take time.
How do we learn to slow our role and do life with Jesus?


Discuss as a group why most people in our society are so busy, stressed and overwhelmed. What factors feed this NASCAR-like lifestyle?


  1. Read John 10:1-10 to understand the context of v.10. Jesus promises a more abundant, satisfying life to those who follow Him. What is the role of Jesus, the believer and the thief in this passage?

  2. Read Matthew 11:28-30. What did Jesus mean when He said: “Take my yoke upon you”? How does being yoked to Jesus help you to slow down and enhance your relationship with God? Discuss how this could ease some of your burdens and make your life richer?

  3. Read Luke 10: 38-42. Discuss in your group what Mary discovered that is the “one thing worth being concerned about,” as verse 42 says.

  • Where does busyness dominate your life?

  • In what areas can we be more like Mary?

  • What specific steps can we take to walk with Jesus?

Pastor Bryan challenged us to “evaluate ourselves on our ability to love.” He also noted that “love takes time.” Discuss why it takes time to love. How well are you loving those around you?



What would change in your life if you took Jesus’ yoke upon you?

Think about your calendar for the week – what events will make you busy, but not closer to Christ. What are you going to do about those? Talk about it in your group.


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