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-Freedom in Christ-


Is there a person or situation that always seems to annoy you? If so what is it? No names please.

Have you ever struggled with knowing that you are freely loved by God?


You are not your past, but how do we make decisions based on our past? How does that affect our lives?

Read 1 John 4:12-17

  • In verse 12 it says that “His love is made complete in us” Explain how this was accomplished?
  • Verse 16, How does one live in God’s love?

Read 1 John 4:18

  • A mature understanding of God’s love removes any fear of God’s judgment. How does fear enslave us?

Read Matthew 5:43-46

  • Jesus tells us to bless those that curse us. Why can it be difficult to bless those who wrong us? What does it show when we do?

Read John 4:4

  • What are some areas in our lives that we like to blame others? Why do we blame others (what is the reasoning behind it)?
  • Rather than blame others what could we do differently?


God loves us no matter what we do or have done. He loves us unconditionally therefore, we need to love others unconditionally.

What we resist persists in our lives. If we are annoyed by a person, job, etc. then even if we move or change jobs that situation shows up. This continually happens until we learn to love as Jesus has shown us.

We always have a choice in any situation and we are not powerless victims. Only we can make a different decision. God has given us everything we need to succeed.


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