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Small Group Discussion Guide


Take a moment and read through all the questions. Feel free to add in your own questions. Decide where you would like your discussion to end up. Then choose the questions that will best fit your group and where you want to go. Don’t feel obligated to go in order or to use every single question.


1. Have you ever seen God bring something good out of a tragedy such as death?

2. What does Good Friday mean to you? How does our culture treat Good Friday?


Read John 12:23-28

3. What does Jesus mean by the parable he is speaking of in verses 23-24?

4. Why did Jesus have to die? Whose choice was it?

5. How does a death forgive sins?

Read Luke 22:39-46

6. How does this passage speak to the fact that the real spiritual battle took place in Gethsemane?

7. What emotions do you suspect Jesus was wrestling with?

8. How did God the Father comfort Jesus in this moment?

9. How can we learn from Jesus’ example here as we go through difficult times?


10. What does the death of Jesus do for the world? For you?

11. How can a true understanding of the cross impact your everyday life?

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