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Small Group Discussion Guide



  • One researcher found that in casual conversation, people lie on average 3 times every 10 minutes.  What are your thoughts on this finding?
  • ‘It is very hard to stop with just one lie.’  How has this proven true in your own life?


Read Genesis 27:1-20

  • Traditionally, a last blessing by a patriarch was done with the entire family present.  What deception is undertaken by Isaac and Esau?  What deception is undertaken by Rebekah and Jacob?
  • What are the motivations underlying each pairs’ actions?
  • What would have been an alternative, honest response for each of these individuals?

Read Genesis 29:25-26 and Jeremiah 17:9

  • Why is it easier to spot deceit in others but not in ourselves?
  • ‘Deceit destroys trust, and that destroys relationships.’  How is this statement shown to be true throughout the story of Jacob?

Read I John 1:6-7

  • What are some results of Jacob choosing to walk in darkness, and what would walking in the light have looked like in Jacob’s life?


  • What would happen if you were to give up all forms of lying, spinning or evading and always tell the truth?
  • Identify the different motivations we have for lying.  What do they reveal about our confidence or lack thereof?
  • The great question is… ‘Where is God calling you to step into the light?’  Identify an area in your life right now that is more in darkness than light.  Where are you placing your confidence for this particular area?  What would it look like for you to move out of the darkness and into the light?



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