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Small Group Discussion Guide



We live in a society that longs to be “liked,” and the more “likes” you get, the better life feels.   How is this true in your life?


Read Genesis 32:3-23

  • Describe Jacob’s strategy for meeting his brother, Esau.
  • What was motivating Jacob? 

Read Genesis 32:24-32

  • Jacob is alone, having sent his family and servants ahead of him.  Who does he encounter and what happens as a result of this encounter?
  • What is the significance of God changing Jacob’s name to Israel (from ‘Isra,’ which means ‘to persevere’ or ‘hang on,’ and ‘El’ which refers to God)?

Read Hosea 12:3

  • Looking at Jacob’s life, how is this statement true?


  • Why is it easier to cling to our successes and our achievements rather than to God?
  • Share how God has used a past experience with failure to shape you.
  • How might God be using your weaknesses and your life’s challenges to help you to hold on to Him more tightly?
  • With whom do you share your weaknesses?  How can we help one another cling to God?
  • In what area(s) of your life, do you need to say these four simple words… ‘God, I need you’ ?

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