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If you are married, how did you know you wanted to marry your spouse?

If someone were to ask you to list the essential qualities a person should look for in a spouse, which would you choose, and why?


  1. Identify a time when you when you were fully confident and authentically your ‘best self.’ What was the source of your confidence at that moment?

  2. In what area(s) of your life do you feel the most confidence, and why?

  3. Read Genesis 29:9-28 and Genesis 24:29-31.

    1. Describe Laban’s character.

    2. How is the truth of Galatians 6:7 (you reap what you sow) demonstrated in the interaction between Laban and Jacob?

  4. Read Genesis 29:30-35.

    1. Put yourself in Leah’s shoes and describe what it’s like to be her.

    2. Why do you think God intercedes?

    3. What is Leah’s response to God’s involvement and how does her response change over time?

  5. Identify a difficulty or failure with which you are wrestling. How is it similar to Jacob or Leah’s situation?

  6. What does the story of Laban, Jacob, Rachel and Leah reveal to you about the grace of God?


  1. Read I John 1:7-10. What does this say about the need to honestly bring your brokenness to God?

  2. To live with confidence requires a willingness to bring your real self to God... to bring to light that which you most want to hide, or feel most guilty about, or find most painful. Reflect upon this question: What do you most need to bring to God in prayer? If you feel comfortable, share this with your group.

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