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Small Group Discussion Guide


Ice Breaker:

1. Who was your favorite superhero when you were growing up?

2. If you could choose one super-power from your favorite super-hero, what would it be... and why? Questions:

3. In Jesus’ day, the Jews were waiting for a ‘Superman’ to come on the scene... they called him ‘Messiah.’ They expected Messiah to come and defeat Israel’s enemies in battle and restore proper worship in the temple. What was Jesus’ mission as ‘Messiah,’ and why was it so in conflict with the people’s expectations?

4. Read John 1:29. Why was John’s description of Jesus such a shocking statement? Why do you think people struggled with the concept of Messiah as the ‘lamb of God’?

5. Read Revelation 22:12-17. There will be a second coming of Jesus. One day, Jesus will come back as the King the Jews were expecting, and bring judgment on the earth. In the meantime, verse 17 describes God’s invitation to escape that day of wrath. When was the last time you shared the good news of God’s grace with someone? What prevents you from sharing the gospel more often?

6. Read Revelation 6:1-16. How does this description of Jesus’ judgments on the nations fit what the Jews were expecting in His first coming? How will God’s dealings with mankind be different in that day (the day of God’s wrath) versus today (the age of grace)? Practical Application:

7. Read Philippians 4:6-7. Even as Christians, we may try to play ‘Messiah’ in life by seeking to control our circumstances. Statistically speaking, ~90% of what we worry about never comes to pass. Why is it important for us (as believers) to let Jesus be in control, and not try to control everything in life?

8. God says the antidote to worry is prayer. How can you incorporate prayer more often in your day-to-day life?

9. Read Philippians 4:8-9. Paul says the key to experiencing God’s peace has to do with your thought-life and your actions. What changes do you need to make to align yourself with Paul’s instructions in this passage?

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