The natural progression of a person's growth in Christ is the desire to share what they have received in faith through the giving of their time, prayer and resources. Christ commanded us to "make disciples" and missions are the means by which we can do just that. Just a few committed people can make a big difference in the world around them.

Global Missions

Global missions provide opportunities for people to share the hope of Christ in hard to reach places.  We as a church support several missionaries with our prayers, finances, and sometimes even our presence.

Short-Term Mission Trips

Experience God’s Hand at work in the world and see your own life changed. That is what you can expect from every East-West mission trip. Each trip allows you to discover a new world while transforming it with the power of the gospel.

East-West strives to provide the world with its greatest need—the good news of Jesus Christ. That is why every trip focuses largely on evangelism by partnering with local churches to reach their communities for Christ.

But evangelism is only the beginning. Our national partners follow up with every new believer to train them to share their newfound faith with others—creating an unending chain of impact.

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Mexico Short Term GO Trips

We as a church want to provide our people with the opportunity to GO on a mission trip.  We send teams down to Piedras Negras, Mexico a couple times a year to continue the work that God has allowed us to be a part of over the years.  We have an ongoing relationship with the people and some pastors in that area.

Community Impact

Local mission opportunities are minutes from your home and provide the foundation of what we do beyond our church. These are things you can be involved with on a regular basis.

Evangelism Outreach

We support a national organization with global ties whose aim is to promote the clear proclamation of God's free salvation through faith alone in Christ alone.


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