Angels & Demons

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Every Tuesday until June 6, 2017

6:30pm – 8:00pm

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Why should we care about angels and demons?

The simple answer is that learning about them increases our love and reverence for God, while strengthening our ability to follow and obey Him.

By studying the nature and activities of angels we see a beautiful example of utter obedience to God. The activities of angels demonstrate that God is indeed active in human affairs, as He uses His angels to interact with humanity according to His purposes. Angelic activities as described in the Bible help us build and maintain confidence that God is always and forever victorious.

Studying fallen angels, a.k.a. demons, gives us insight into the deceitful schemes of the devil and how to combat them. It gives us a clearer picture of the nature and effects of sin. To see the character and actions of Satan and his demons is to see what sin really is like, when not disguised to look appealing. It gives us an appreciation for our own salvation. There is no salvation plan for fallen angels; and so we marvel at God’s mercy and grace, which brings salvation to us undeserving and helpless human sinners.

This five week course presents an introduction to key aspects of the origin, nature and activities of angels and demons, using the Bible as the basis for this information. It is an informal “no homework” class that meets for 90 minutes once a week for five weeks.

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